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Pankaj Kumawat




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Certified Data Scientist and Business Analyst

Expertise in Excel, VBA, Power BI, Tableau and SQL 

Transforming Data into Insights and Automation Solutions.

Empowering Possibilities
A Journey from Data Enthusiast to Global Solutions Provider

      Hello, I'm Pankaj Kumawat, a certified Data Scientist and Business Analyst with over 5 years of experience. I've mastered Excel, VBA, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint, and I'm passionate about visualizing data using Power BI and Tableau. But the real adventure began when I fell in love with data.

       I delved into SQL and embraced Data Science, learning Python and Machine Learning to unlock the secrets hidden in numbers. As I learned and grew, I couldn't resist sharing my knowledge with the world. I started helping people solve problems on platforms like Stack Overflow, Power BI Community, Excel, and VBA Facebook Pages.

     Soon, people from all over the world were seeking my expertise. Today, I'm proud to say that I have more than 200 clients worldwide. My journey is proof that with determination and a love for learning, you can turn numbers into dreams. Let's be inspired together and make a global impact through the magic of data.

Thank You ...!!

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